Smart, Sun & Fortumo launch Windows Phone Store carrier billing in the Philippines

Smart Communications, Inc. and Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI), the mobile subsidiaries of Philippine digital services leader PLDT, are today launching carrier billing on the Windows Phone Store app store. More than 70 million customers of Smart and DMPI’s Sun can now conveniently charge purchases of apps and games from the Windows Phone Store to their phone bill through a 1–click payment.

The integration of the two carriers to Windows Phone Store was done by Fortumo, the mobile payments company that provides direct carrier billing services in over 90 countries to digital and virtual content merchants. Smart & Fortumo have been working together to enable direct carrier billing for merchants since 2014.

“We are thrilled to partner once again with Fortumo to bring carrier billing to our subscribers, this time to allow users to purchase apps and other virtual content on the Windows Phone Store. This will bring much-needed convenience to Windows Phone users since they can easily charge purchases on their postpaid accounts, or have them deducted from their prepaid credits. This is part of our initiative to bring the best and the latest digital services to our consumers so they can experience the ’Smart Life’,” said Mellissa Limcaoco, Innovations and Product Development Group Head at Smart.

According to data from World Bank, less than 3 million Filipinos have access to credit cards while the country is estimated to reach 40 million smartphone owners this year. Therefore in emerging markets like the Philippines, direct carrier billing increases the coverage of users who have access to payments tenfold.

Over the past years, Fortumo has been heavily expanding its presence in Asia, having opened an office in Singapore in October 2014, an addition to existing offices in Beijing, Delhi and Mumbai. Recently the company announced partnerships with Thai carrier Dtac and with Huawei, a globally leading smartphone manufacturer. In total, Fortumo mobile payments are available to end-users in 15 markets across Asia.

Besides the Windows Phone Store, Fortumo’s platform is powering leading platforms and digital content providers in Asia, including Gaana, UCWeb, Box TV, Ditto TV, Mobogenie, Boyaa, Octro, Games2Win and Huawei. To enable global carrier billing for these merchants, Fortumo has partnerships with more than 350 mobile operators across the world, including mobile operator groups such as Telefónica, Telenor, Singtel, Turkcell and Kyivstar, as well as leading mobile operators in India and China.

Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform allows users to make payments over a data connection by confirming purchases with one click on their phone. Payments are processed without any additional information required from the mobile user which provides a significant conversion improvement compared to any other online payment method such as credit cards.

About Smart

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is the Philippines’ leading mobile services provider that, along with DMPI’s Sun, has more than 70 million subscribers on its GSM network as of end-June 2015. Smart has built a reputation for innovation, having introduced world-first wireless offerings such as Smart Money, Smart Load, Smart Padala, and the Netphone. Smart offers 3G, HSPA+, and LTE services, while its satellite service SmartSAT provides communications to the global maritime industry. Smart is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Philippines’ leading telecommunications and digital services provider, PLDT. For more information, visit

1Pay expands payment coverage through partnership with Fortumo

The payment service provider 1Pay and the mobile payments company Fortumo are today announcing a partnership for direct carrier billing in South-East Asia. Merchants using 1Pay are now able to collect payments from their users in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia by charging payments to the users’ phone bills.

Mr. Luyen Ngoc Huy, CEO of 1Pay says “1Pay is now expanding its market to South-East Asia with the first move to open office in Indonesia. We certainly look for compatible partners that help us to set up and run business in the shortest time. We chose Fortumo because they have a very flexible system that allows 1Pay to connect and operate quickly. Furthermore, Fortumo is a world-class reputable company. Hopefully, this cooperation brings a good business prospect for both companies in these markets.”

“Integrating mobile operators one-by-one is a difficult process for payment service providers. Each carrier has their own technical setup and negotiations take a long time. We are excited to accelerate the adoption of carrier billing by 1Pay by giving them access to direct carrier billing in several markets through just one integration. For merchants using 1Pay, direct carrier billing gives a significant increase in paying user coverage in markets with extremely low credit card penetration,” said Sanjay Sinha, head of Fortumo India.

1Pay is an open platform for e-payments, working as an intermediary payment gateway. 1Pay mainly focuses on optimizing payment effectiveness, fast speed, high stability, a smart analysis system, multidimensional report, supporting all integration methods and automating the whole process of integration.

Fortumo direct carrier billing is available to more than 350 million mobile phone owners in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Meanwhile, less than 10 million people in these countries have access to credit cards which means that a majority of smartphone owners are unable to pay for online content through traditional payment methods. In Asia, Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform is available more than 2.5 billion end-users in 14 countries. Recently, Fortumo announced a partnership with the mobile operator dtac in Thailand.

Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform allows more than 4 billion end-users to pay merchants using their phone bill in 90 countries across the world. Since the mobile operator has all the information necessary to process the payment, this removes the need to send any text messages during the payment process. In markets where Fortumo provides direct carrier billing, payment conversion for first-time payments is close to 40% and higher for repeat purchases.

About 1Pay

1Pay is a startup in Vietnam that provides an open platform for e-payments. Founded in January 2013, 1Pay now becomes one of the leading open platforms for mobile payments in Vietnam. 1Pay’s payment platform supports all types of existing payment services in the market. It also supports a variety of merchants such as technology companies, e-commerce companies, web developers and individuals to easily engage in the system and integrate, use payment methods with many quick, accurate and safe utilities.

With the target of expanding overseas (including Indonesia and Thailand), 1Pay has launched 1Pay ver. 2.0. This version is supporting multi-language, multi-currency, multi-nation and integrating full of payment services in the market (domestic and international banking, scratch card charging, SMS charging, API OTP charging).Besides, the interface of new version has been redesigned to be more suitable and friendly with end users. For more information, please visit

Fortumo updates its Emerging Markets Payment Index for Q2 2015

The mobile payments company Fortumo is today publishing the newest version of its Emerging Markets Payment Index. The index highlights user spending behavior and transaction volume changes in the fastest growing smartphone markets of the world.

“The majority of new digital content users are now coming from emerging markets. The costs and complexity of entering these markets increases while the ARPU and margin is decreasing. Our payment index aims to shed some light on these hard to monetize markets by providing merchants with key insights into the fastest growing smartphone regions of the world,” said Martin Koppel, CEO and co-founder of Fortumo.

Last quarter’s payment data shows a slight decline in average revenue per paying user and transaction sizes in most markets. At the same time, transaction volumes continue to grow in double-digit percentages. In Q2, Brazil remained the market with the highest end-user spend ($17.02 quarterly average revenue per paying user) while payment volumes grew most rapidly in Pakistan (81.35% increase compared to Q1 2015).

“Digital content merchants are increasingly adapting their pricing to local markets. This means the average revenue per user remains lower than in Western markets but is compensated by a significant growth in the amount of people who can make payments. We see a similar trend continuing in the future as the percentage of the population in these markets using carrier billing continues to grow,” added Martin Koppel.

The full Emerging Markets Payment Index report can be viewed and downloaded here. The index focuses on markets highlighted by GfK in its global forecast of top smartphone markets for growth by value in 2015: India, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and Vietnam. These markets have a significantly lower level of access to traditional online payments than mature economies. India and Vietnam for example have a credit card penetration below 2% and in Nigeria 99.3% of all card transactions are conducted on ATMs.

Data in the index has been taken from various platforms (web, mobile web, feature phones, smartphones) and app stores using Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform. As of August 2015, more than 130,000 merchants have signed up to use Fortumo’s billing solutions.

Fortumo and dtac team up for direct carrier billing in Thailand

The mobile operator dtac (part of Telenor Group) and the mobile payments company Fortumo are today announcing the launch of direct carrier billing in Thailand. Thanks to the partnership, more than 27 million dtac subscribers will now be able to pay for top digital content and gaming by charging purchases to their phone bill.

Mr. Tim Verouden, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Services, Total Access Communication PLC (dtac), said: “Our partnership with Fortumo is providing convenience to dtac customers with Direct Operator Billing. Customers will be able to pay for top digital content and gaming by charging their purchases to their phone bill. It is our strategy to collaborate with world class partners to attract customers of those partners and leverage their products and services to develop an innovative campaign to maximize the benefits to our customers, as part of our Best in Digital Services strategy aiming to develop innovative digital services to meet customers’ data and internet demands“.

“Only a quarter of the global population has access to credit cards. A majority of the unbanked people are located in emerging markets. This means mobile payments provide a strong alternative to bank-based payments in the fastest growing smartphone markets of the world. We are excited to seize this opportunity together with dtac in the Thai market and build direct carrier billing into the default payment method for online payments in the country,” said Gerri Kodres, Chief Business Officer at Fortumo.

While Thailand has a population of 67 million, only 4 million people have access to credit cards, according to the World Bank. Meanwhile, more than 33 million people already own a smartphone in the country. This means that without carrier billing, gaming and digital merchants miss out on more than 85% of paying users in the country.

Thailand is a mobile-first country: 90% of 18-24 year olds access the internet daily using their mobile phone, according to data from Yozzo . This is also enabled by high 3G penetration rates: 72% of dtac customers have access to a 3G connection. The average amount of data consumption per user in the market is 1.2GB per month.

Fortumo’s internal data shows that 64.8% of paying users in Thailand accessed content from their mobile devices. With the launch of direct carrier billing using header enrichment, these mobile users will be able to make future payments through a 1-click solution. In markets where Fortumo provides direct carrier billing to its merchants, payment conversion for first-time payments is close to 40% and higher for repeat purchases.

Thailand is the second market where Fortumo and Telenor Group have launched direct carrier billing: the two companies have been working together in Pakistan for over a year with a group partnership agreement already in place since 2013. In addition to Telenor, Fortumo also has direct carrier billing partnerships established with Telefónica, Singtel, Turkcell, Kyivstar and leading mobile operators in India and China.

In recent news from Asia, Fortumo has announced a direct carrier billing partnership with Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider.

Beside carriers and device manufacturers, Fortumo works with most of the leading app stores, gaming and digital content providers in Asia including Box TV, Ditto TV, Gaana, UCWeb, Mobogenie, Boyaa, Octro and Games2Win.

Fortumo y dtac se unen para pago a través de la factura de telefonía móvil en Tailandia

El operador móvil DTAC (parte de Telenor Group) y la compañía de pagos móviles Fortumo anuncian hoy el lanzamiento de pago directo a través de la factura de telefonía móvil en Tailandia. Gracias a esta alianza, más de 27 millones de suscriptores de DTAC podrán pagar por juegos y contenidos digitales exclusivos a través de sus facturas de teléfono móvil.

Sr. Tim Verouden, Vicepresidente Primero y Jefe de Servicios Digitales de Total Access Communication PLC (conocido como DTAC), dice: “Nuestra alianza con Fortumo proporcionará comodidad a los clientes de DTAC, dándoles la opción de facturación directa al operador. Los clientes podrán comprar juegos y contenidos digitales exclusivos pagando por sus compras a través de sus facturas de teléfono móvil. Nuestra estrategia consiste en colaborar con socios de clase mundial para atraer los clientes de estos socios y aprovechar sus productos y servicios, desarrollando una campaña innovativa para maximizar los beneficios de nuestros clientes, lo cual forma parte de nuestra estrategia de ser los mejores en servicios digitales y desarrollar innovaciones de servicios digitales que pueden satisfacer las expectativas de los clientes en cuanto a los datos y al Internet.”

“Solo una cuarta parte de la población mundial tiene acceso a las tarjetas de crédito. La mayoría de las personas no bancarizadas se encuentran en los mercados emergentes. Esto significa que en los mercados de smartphones de más rápido crecimiento en el mundo, los pagos móviles son una alternativa fuerte a los pagos bancarios,” dice Gerri Kodres, Director Ejecutivo de Fortuno.

Aunque Tailandia tiene una población de 67 millones de habitantes, solo 4 millones disponen de tarjetas de crédito, según los datos del Banco Mundial. Mientras tanto, más de 33 millones de personas en este país ya poseen un smartphone. Esto significa que, sin la posibilidad de pagamento móvil, los distribuidores de juegos y contenidos digitales pierden más del 85% de los usuarios pagadores en este país.

Tailandia es un país de primer mundo en cuanto al uso de teléfonos móviles: según los datos de Yozzo, el 90% de jóvenes entre 18-24 años acceden a Internet a través del teléfono móvil diariamente. Lo fomentan también las altas tasas de penetración de 3G: el 72% de los clientes de DTAC tienen acceso a una conexión 3G. La cantidad promedio de consumo de datos por usuario en el mercado es de 1.2 GB al mes.

Los datos internos de Fortumo muestran que en Tailandia el 64,8% de los usuarios pagadores acceden contenidos desde sus dispositivos móviles. Con el lanzamiento de la facturación directa al operador mediante el enriquecimiento de encabezado, estos usuarios de móviles podrán hacer pagos a través de una solución de 1-click. En los mercados donde Fortumo ofrece a los comerciantes la facturación directa al operador, la conversión de pago para los primeros pagos se acerca al 40%, y más para las compras repetidas.

Tailandia es el segundo mercado en el que Fortumo y Telenour Group lanzan la facturación directa al operador: las dos compañías llevan trabajando juntas en Pakistán durante más de un año, con un acuerdo de colaboración pactado ya desde el 2013.

Además de la alianza con Telenor, para prestar el servicio de facturación directa al operador Fortumo tiene acuerdos con las compañías Telefónica, Singtel, Turkcell, Kyivstar, y con los operadores móviles líder en India y China.

Según noticias recientes de Asia, Fortumo ha anunciado una asociación de facturación directa al operador con Huawei, un proveedor mundial líder en soluciones de tecnologías de la información y la comunicación (TIC).

Además de los operadores y fabricantes de dispositivos, Fortumo colabora con la mayoría de los principales proveedores de las tiendas de aplicaciones, juegos y contenidos digitales en Asia, incluyendo Box TV, Ditto TV, Gaana, UCWEB, Mobogenie, Boyaa, Octro y Games2win.

Fortumo e dtac juntam-se no negócio da faturação direta por operadora na Tailândia

A operadora móvel dtac (parte do Grupo Telenor) e a empresa de pagamentos móveis Fortumo anunciam hoje o lançamento da faturação direta por operadora na Tailândia. Graças à parceria, mais de 27 milhões de assinantes dtac poderão agora pagar por conteúdo digital e jogos de qualidade faturando as compras na sua conta telefónica.

Sr. Tim Verouden, Vice-presidente Sénior, Chefe de Serviços Digitais, PLC Comunicação de Acesso Total da dtac, disse o seguinte: “A nossa parceria com a Fortumo proporciona conveniência aos clientes dtac através da Faturação Direta na Operadora. Os clientes poderão agora pagar por conteúdo digital e jogos de qualidade ao faturar as suas compras na conta telefónica. Faz parte da nossa estratégia colaborar com parceiros de classe mundial para atrair os seus respetivos clientes e influenciar os seus produtos e serviços de forma a desenvolver uma campanha inovadora para maximizar os benefícios dos nossos clientes, como parte da nossa estratégia Os Melhores Serviços Digitais que visa desenvolver serviços digitais inovadores para a satisfação das exigências dos clientes ao nível de internet e dos seus dados pessoais”.

“Apenas um quarto da população global tem acesso a cartões de crédito. A maior parte das pessoas sem banco próprio encontram-se em mercados emergentes. Isto significa que os pagamentos móveis são uma forte alternativa a pagamentos provenientes de bancos nos mercados de smartphone com o mais rápido crescimento mundial. Estamos entusiasmados por poder aproveitar esta oportunidade juntamente com a dtac no mercado tailandês e de fazer com que a faturação direta na operadora seja o método de pagamento padrão para pagamentos online neste país”, disse Gerri Kodres, Diretor de Negócios na Fortumo.

Sendo que a Tailândia tem uma população de 67 milhões, apenas 4 milhões de pessoas têm acesso a cartões de crédito, de acordo com o Banco Mundial. Entretanto, mais de 33 milhões de pessoas já possuem um smartphone no país. Isto significa que sem a faturação na operadora, comerciantes digitais e de jogos perdem mais de 85% de clientes no país.

A Tailândia é um país “mobile-first”: 90% das pessoas com idades entre os 18 e 24 anos acedem diariamente à internet a partir dos seus telemóveis, de acordo com dados provenientes da Yozzo . Isto também é disponibilizado pelas elevadas taxas de penetração 3G: 72% dos clientes dtac têm acesso a uma ligação 3G. O consumo médio de dados por utilizador neste mercado é de 1,2GB por mês.

Dados internos da Fortumo revelam que 64,8% dos utilizadores pagantes na Tailândia acedem a conteúdos a partir de dispositivos móveis. Com o lançamento da faturação direta na operadora, usando header enrichment, estes utilizadores móveis poderão fazer pagamentos futuros com um só clique. Em mercados onde a Fortumo proporciona faturação direta na operadora aos seus comerciantes, a conversão de pagamento para novos pagamentos é de quase 40% e é mais alta ainda para compras repetidas.

A Tailândia é o segundo mercado onde a Fortumo e o Grupo Telenor lançaram a faturação direta na operadora: as duas empresas têm trabalhado em conjunto no Paquistão durante mais de um ano com um acordo de parceira já em vigor desde 2013. Para além da Telenor, a Fortumo possui também parcerias de faturação direta na operadora estabelecidas com a Telefónica, Singtel, Turkcell, Kyivstar e principais operadoras móveis na Índia e na China.

Em recentes notícias na Ásia, a Fortumo anunciou uma parceria de faturação direta na operadora com a Huawei, fornecedora líder mundial de soluções em tecnologias da informação e comunicação (TIC).

Para além de operadoras e fabricantes de dispositivos, a Fortumo trabalha com a maior parte das principais app stores e distribuidores de jogos e conteúdos digitais na Ásia, incluindo a Box TV, Ditto TV, Gaana, UCWeb, Mobogenie, Boyaa, Octro e a Games2Win.

Huawei partners with Fortumo for direct carrier billing

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced a partnership with the mobile payments company Fortumo. Fortumo will combine its global carrier billing capability with Huawei global carrier billing @Digital inCloud service to extend business in more countries and cover more users, especially in emerging markets.Thanks to the cooperation, Fortumo and Huawei have created one of the biggest joint global carrier billing networks.

“Fortumo is proud to be selected by Huawei as their partner for payments, enabling carrier billing for Huawei inTouch partners across the world. Carrier billing stands out as one of the most convenient methods to charge for content and apps for OEMs and app stores, especially in the emerging countries which have low credit card penetration,” added Gerri Kodres, Chief Business Officer at Fortumo.

According to a report from GfK, the biggest smartphone device growth markets in 2015 are dominantly large emerging economies such as India, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil and Pakistan. These are exactly the markets that Fortumo is strong in – out of the top 10 smartphone markets for growth by value during this year, Fortumo already provides carrier billing in 9 of them.

Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform allows more than 4 billion end-users to pay merchants using their phone bill in 90 countries across the world. For regions with good data connection, payments are completed in 1 click and the user is charged over mobile internet. In countries with an insufficient mobile internet infrastructure, Fortumo also enables offline payments for users.

Fortumo has announced partnerships with leading carrier groups of the world, including Telefónica, Telenor, Singtel, Turkcell, Kyivstar and leading mobile operators in India and China.

Fortumo has previously announced partnerships with leading OEMs such as Alcatel Onetouch, Oppo, Mitashi, and Gionee. In addition to OEMs and app stores, Fortumo works with top digital content providers like EA Mobile, Gameloft, Rovio, Times Internet and Gaana.

Readwhere expands its digital newsstand beyond India with Fortumo

The mobile payments company Fortumo is today announcing that it will start providing carrier billing to India’s largest digital newsstand Readwhere. The partnership will allow Readwhere users across the world to access paid content (e-papers, magazines, books and comics) by charging purchases to their mobile phone bill. Fortumo currently covers 88 countries and more than 350 mobile operators with its carrier billing solution.

“Low ownership of credit cards in emerging markets means digital content merchants face difficulties in converting their audience into paying customers. Carrier billing helps merchants tackle this issue as payments become available to any phone owner. We are excited to be working with Readwhere to help them expand their business beyond India through the use of carrier billing,” said Sanjay Sinha, Head of Fortumo India.

“For Readwhere, which is essentially a platform enabling micro-transactions on digital reading content, carrier billing presents a seamless and fast experience to making payments for digital purchases. Post the Fortumo integration, we will be able to offer this seamless payment experience via mobile for many other countries besides India,” said Manish Dhingra, CEO of Readwhere.

Carrier billing has a significantly bigger payment reach than card-based payments in emerging markets: India and Vietnam for example have a credit card penetration below 2% and in Nigeria 99.3% of all card transactions are conducted on ATMs.

Fortumo’s direct carrier billing technology provides the best checkout experience to end-users based on the platform used (desktop, mobile web, feature phone or smart TV). This means merchants need to only integrate carrier billing once in order to start accepting payments on any platform. Fortumo’s statistics from April 2015 indicate that approximately 80% of paying users in India paid for content on mobile devices.

Fortumo is the only carrier billing provider with a self-service setup and no monthly fees or minimum volume commitments, allowing any developer regardless of size and location to sign up for an account and get started with mobile payments at

About Readwhere

Readwhere is an online reading & publishing hub. Read e-paper, magazines, books, comics etc. online & offline. It provides the best content for reading on Web, Mobile and Tablet Devices. It includes popular News Papers, Magazines, Comics, Books & Journals, all within the same application. Read content from some of the premier newspapers of India, most read magazines and popular comics. Newspapers are free to read. The languages covered include English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Kannada. Magazines include some of India’s best known Magazine brands, publishing on categories ranging from News, Bollywood, Entertainment, Health, Art and Architecture, Automotive and many more. Our comic book collection will bring back your childhood. Over 700+ titles from famous comic book publishers of India. Several of these comics are out of print and hence can be read only via Readwhere. Our eBook collection covers many interesting Books, which are from well-known publishers and are best-sellers in their own right. This include books on various subjects taught in School, Kids Books, Books on Health and Wellness, Astrology, Novels, Personal and Professional Growth, Management to name a few.

Fortumo hires Google veteran Tim Carter as CRO

The mobile payments company Fortumo is today announcing the appointment of Tim Carter as its Chief Revenue Officer, based in the company’s London office. Tim previously established Google’s Android business development team in Europe, Middle-East and Africa starting from 2009, launched payments for Google Play and managed mobile operator and device partnerships in the region. His responsibility at Fortumo will be heading the company’s global business development and its strategic business lines.

“Fortumo already provides carrier billing to the largest number of companies globally and Tim’s experience from building up Android and Google Play’s billing solutions gives us added trust and leadership to scale up new areas of our business. Carrier billing has the potential to replace credit cards in certain segments and regions where it outperforms bank-based payments in terms of user-friendliness and coverage,” said Martin Koppel, CEO of Fortumo.

“Mobile payments are the safe alternative to cash for the vast majority of people on the planet and are also driving innovations in consumer experience in Western markets. Fortumo’s team has created the go-to operation worldwide for merchants and mobile operators to monetise digital content in emerging markets in a secure and scalable way. The company’s continued investments in engineering, operations and partnerships are setting it up for further capitalisation of global smartphone populations, at a time when the mobile payments industry is about to revolutionise how the world buys goods and services,” added Tim Carter.

Tim Carter worked in Google’s Android team since its first device launched in 2008, helping to grow the Android ecosystem from zero users to 1.5Bn+ worldwide today. During that time he established mobile payments connections for Google Play in over 20 countries and catalysed Android’s adoption through key device partnerships, like the Verizon Droid and the Nexus programme. Immediately prior to joining Fortumo, Tim had established and led Google’s specialist Android business development team in Africa to grow Android adoption throughout next wave markets.

In addition to world’s top digital merchants, Fortumo has recently connected leading global app stores to its platform. Fortumo is also the first carrier billing company to pilot carrier billing for the sale of physical goods together with Rovio & Singtel in Singapore. The company forecasts the carrier billing volume for new business segments to stand at $1 trillion.

In addition to recruiting its first CRO, Fortumo has also significantly expanded its business development team in Asia (having opened offices in Delhi and Singapore in 2014) as well as its technical team in Estonia to bring the company’s technical platform to the level needed to process payments for the strategic business lines.

During 2014 Fortumo signed partnerships with more than 20 leading carrier groups and carriers in South-East Asia, Europe and Latin America. Fortumo additionally expanded its payment coverage to 10 new countries (Singapore, Philippines, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, Georgia, Kenya and Moldova).

Mitashi partners with Fortumo for carrier billing on smartphones

The mobile payments company Fortumo today announced a partnership with the mobile device manufacturer (OEM) Mitashi. Thanks to the partnership Mitashi can start collecting payments made by users of its smartphones in 88 countries through carrier billing. Mitashi will also get access to the portfolio of top games and apps of developers who are already using Fortumo’s payment solutions.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Adnan Chara, Vice President – Gaming, Toys & Telecom – Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd. said, “Mitashi ThunderBolt has by far been one of the best selling consoles series in India. At Mitashi, we believe in partnering with the best to offer products that provide unmatched value to our end consumers. Towards this endeavor of providing more quality content so that through our devices consumer can start enjoying an unparalleled gaming experience right from the word go, in the past we have associated with Disney & Electronic Arts. We have now chosen Fortumo as a content providing partner and look forward to leveraging their coverage in the app and game development industry.”

“In emerging markets like India, credit card ownership is almost non-existent – this means most users with online access are not actually able to make payments on their phone. We’re excited to partner with Mitashi and enable their end-users to take advantage of carrier billing, the most widely available payment method today,” added Mr. Sanjay Sinha, Head of Fortumo India.

Fortumo provides device manufacturers using carrier billing with developer onboarding and support, creating & maintaining payments APIs and SDKs as well as handling compliance, taxation and payouts to developers.

Direct carrier billing with Fortumo enables users make payments over a data connection by confirming payments with one click on their phone. Since the mobile operator has all the information necessary to process the payment, this removes the need to send any text messages during the payment process. In markets where Fortumo provides direct carrier billing, payment conversion for first-time payments is close to 40% and higher for repeat purchases.

As part of the co-operation, Mitashi will get access to games and apps from top developers to use on their smartphones, including studios like Glu Mobile, Second Gear Games, 7k7k Games and Zeptolab. With Fortumo, developers need to do just one payment integration to enable carrier billing for end-users in 88 markets.

In addition to Mitashi, Fortumo provides carrier billing to a number of other leading Asian platform owners, including device manufacturers like ZTEAlcatel OnetouchOppoGionee and leading third-party Android app stores such as Turkcell AppMarketTelenor Apps & Changyou’s Mobogenie.

About Mitashi

Mitashi is one of the premium homegrown value brands in the Country. The Company is a dominant player in the Toys industry, an undisputed leader in the Gaming industry and one of the fastest growing brands in Consumer Electronics segment. Mitashi has infact been a pioneer of the Indian Gaming Industry. With relentless commitment to quality, consistent dedication to customer satisfaction and unparalleled standards of service, Mitashi is recognized for premium quality & great value for money. Mitashi aims to be India’s Most Trusted Brand and believes in providing the consumers a high quality entertainment product at an affordable price. For more information, please visit